Single Figure Mailers

Picture of Frank Mewes

Frank Mewes


4-LOM                           Kenner Mailer box: 100mm x 45mm x 31mm

Nien Nunb                     Palitoy Mailer box: 104mm x 44mm x 32mm

Anakin                           Kenner Mailer box 102mm x 45mm x 30mm

Emperor Matt Box        Palitoy Mailer box 105mm x 54mm x 31mm

Emperor Gloss Box       Palitoy Mailer box 105mm x 52.5mm x 32mm

Survival Pack                Palitoy Mailer box 135.5 mm x 51.5mm x 25mm

Survival Pack                Kenner mailer box 131mm x 51mm x26mm

Boba Fett Flyer             Palitoy 150mm x 107mm

Bounty Hunter Capture Log  Palitoy 184mm x 88mm

Rancor Keeper              Palitoy Mailer box 102mm x 52.5mm x 35mm

Boba Fett                       Kenner Mailer box 108mm x 32mm x 32mm

Admiral Ackbar             Palitoy Mailer box 100mm x 32mm x 45mm

Introduction to Mailers

Credit to Kev B

In this section I hope to do what little I can to further the understanding of the single figure mail away/mailer promotions which were the only way 3’3/4″ figures were available as a mail in offer outside of the U.S (as far as I am aware that is), this will obviously include the other European countries a little further down.

These were as a rule, offered as free figures when you send in so many proof of purchases or at least were here in the UK when you send in X number of figure nameplates from the front of the carded figures you bought or later in the “Bounty Hunter offer” with vehicle POP’s, hence so many cardbacks are in circulation missing the nameplates from there fronts & even MOC figures with the pop’s removed, I would like to give huge thanks at this point to Mike (Momike) & ShawnK for all the information that’s already out there thanks to them & the photos of a lot of the Mailers that Mike has provided me via email.

Single figure mailers were available in the U.K Australia & in the U.S (also in Holland / Spain / Italy new info), I think they were also available is some other countries, but to date I have no knowledge of if & where (updated above), so if you can help, again that would be great, so please do get in touch.

Some figures were country specific from what I know so far, like the Rancor Keeper & Dengar which were only available here in the UK (now known to be also offered elsewhere), as a child I vividly remember getting a Dengar mail away, as A – I remember not wanting to cut my cards down for the nameplates & B – what really makes me remember it is that I used to go over to Germany for my summer holidays to visit my family there & also my childhood friends who were all in to the SW toys, I got my Dengar in hand just prior to going & proudly took it there with me to show off, well when I got there my friends were all suitably unimpressed & proceed to frogmarch me to the nearest toy shop where I was rather shocked to see row upon row of carded Dengars, he was the most common carded figure currently available there & very much a peg warmer 😆 – he was not on general release in the U.K at that time with it being on the mail in card front offer, see the promo add below which has to date never been found in flyer form like the Rancor keeper & Emperor ones & only available as an advert frond in comic books etc.

From speaking to Mike I have the impression that there was an offer right toward the end of the toy line in the ROTJ era that had a promotion where you could choose which figure you would like to receive out of a choice of 6 figures, sadly I have to date not found as much as one scrap of information regarding this offer, so if you know anything at all about this offer, please do get in touch so some more can be added to this guide.

Additional to the above re ROTJ era offer – now confirmed by a single small slip of paper that the offer did in fact exist (see Admiral Ackbar mailer in the Palitoy mailer section for details).

Sadly there is from what I have found so far, not one confirmed example of a sealed palitoy mailer out there for Dengar (since found X 3 examples)/Boba Fett or the Rancor Keeper (since found at least 2 examples) or for that matter even a confirmed open example that can be looked at to confirm exactly which baggies or mailer box were used for these 3 figures (since confirmed), so for now at least a lot of the information regarding those 3 is speculation, so again if you have either a sealed mailer for one of these or have any information regarding them it would be greatly appreciated.

As with the first page of this guide, this post will be under construction throughout & constantly a work in progress


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