Lili Ledy Cardbacks

Picture of Horacio Narvaez

Horacio Narvaez


Imperio Contraataca 10bk

We start with the elusive Imperio Contraataca card, a 10 back generic card with different name stickers. (Images courtesy of Julio Arreola and Daniel Tusken). Imported Kenner figures and accessories were packed into the blisters of these incredibly rare cards. Note: The Yoda example below has a slight bubble lift and is missing the footer as a result.

Retorno 12bk

Then the early Retorno cards, a 12 back without a printed warranty, a regular Tie Fighter was pictured in the back but it was never made by Lili Ledy. Some of these had a warranty sheet folded inside the bubble and there’s a version with a change on Yoda’s name.

A black sticker with a printed warranty was later added to this Retorno 12 backs.

Retorno 14bk

Then 2 more characters were added for a new card with a 14 back. They also added a warranty text and they finally changed the regular Tie Fighter for the Darth Vader’s Tie fighter.

Regreso 14bk

Then we have the early Regreso cards, these cards have almost the same 14 back, with a small change, Retorno was swapped for Regreso on the logo in the back.

Regreso 30bk

After that a new Regreso card with a 30 back was available, some names were changed in order to fit better and a couple of weird design options took place here, a micro machines Millennium Falcon was pictured as the regular Millennium Falcon, a flipped Jabba was also added and a Espada Lazer that at the end was never sold by Lili Ledy. It exists but it was made by a different company. There’s a negative version of this back too.

Regreso 50bk

Finally the Regreso 50 back was available, all the ships and Jabba were removed and they only kept the warranty text and the 50 figures. There’s also a negative version of this back and a 50 back negative sticker covering a printing error, a full colour 92 Kenner back, this back was covered with a cheap black and white sticker. Maybe they did wanted to finally add a back in colour and it went wrong? Lili Ledy was already printing backs in colour for the MIM versions, figures made and packed by Lili Ledy in order to sell in the US and for their other lines: Strawberry shortcake & Super Powers (Super Poderes). What a pity, it would have been very cool to end up with a full colour back.