Harbert Mailer

Frank Mewes

Frank Mewes


Only recently it has been confirmed that Harbert like many others did in fact have some mail away promotions.

The only ones I have any information on are the ones for the 2 included promotional adverts shown below (Boba Fett & Rancor Keeper). As far as I am aware no examples of either have surfaced that can be confirmed as being issued / sent out in Italy, so we have nothing more to go on than the 2 images shown.

It is likely they were sent out in the same manor as other countries (boxed with baggies) but that is at this point just a wild assumption, I would guess they like Clipper & Meccano were being sub supplied via Palitoy, so it’s quite possible they would be the same as the Palitoy issued examples (shown in the Palitoy single mailer section).

Boba Fett Offer

Rancor Keeper Offer