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Crisp Bag / Heat sealed

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Soft Bag / Single heat seal



Soft Bag / Single heat seal

German YPS Comic Snowtrooper premium – This one is specific to just this one figure, due to it being a special offer item only issued free with the German comic book.

Euro-e (a)


Very Soft Bag / Twin heat sealed

No text, these have to date been found with no coo & coo scarred figures previously being sold as Meccano’s, but are PBP issued often found in overstock baggies from the Meccano factory.

Euro-e (b)


Soft Bag / Twin heat sealed

Euro-e/B – Twin Heat Sealed – Soft but more rigid that the Euro-e/A’s I am at this point “speculating” that these are in fact another Palitoy baggie type with the figures found in them so far being either MIHK or No Coo, not coo scarred like with the Euro-e/A’s & of a different material type.

Euro-f (Declassified)


Euro-f (Meccano) – declassified (for now) there is no Euro-f classification, this is due to new information discovered when the huge find of Meccano red sticker (free figure offer) were discovered & it was found that the sticker offer covered multiple baggie types rather than just one, this would have been more obvious if the stickers were not always placed directly over the fonts, subsequently all of the known baggie types used for the offer were actually already covered in this guide or the Kenner one, so as stated, for now there is no longer a Euro-f baggie type!

Warning: This has been seen taped then later re faked as heat sealed – Billy Boy then later Jeff



Soft Bag / Stapled

This baggie type is soft material & usually always found stapled rather than heat or tape sealed. It was one issued in France & most examples have come from the Meccano counter top red sticker free figure offer. Please note this baggie type has no text, a new image showing one without the red sticker will be added when it is available.

This classification previously covered all the red sticker baggies till it was discovered multiple baggie types had been used in the promotion. This was not clear till the big cache of them turned up in 2016, these were so rare before the find that it was impossible to know this as they used the red stickers to cover any font on the various baggies used in the promotion.



Soft Bag / Single heat seal

This has always been considered to be a Kenner ESB-h baggie but it varies considerably both in size & in the COO of the figures included & is now confirmed to be of European not United States origins, more details to follow.



Very flimsy bag / Heat or Tape sealed

Euro-h – photo courtesy of Del – this is a baggie that rarely crops up & is often considered a fake, it is a genuine baggie though, material is very flimsy & the text usually has a lot of bleed out

Not sure what to make of these TBH, not covered in the SWCA guide & in a way not technically speaking a Euro baggie if you were to judge it by the logo on the baggie (Kenner), but it is not a know US issued baggie, but has been found multiple times around Europe which leads me to the conclusion its a baggie made up in a Kenner production plant with there logo & shipped to one of the European distributors for retail sale, sadly there is from what I know to date no other history on these baggie, but enough have surfaced to make me 99.9% convinced that it is indeed a genuine issue baggie type, it has been found both heat sealed & tape sealed, the example shown is heat sealed.



Soft Bag / Twin heat sealed

The Euro-i is twin heat sealed & the font is noticeably larger, this baggie was known to have been distributed in France in the free figure when you buy a large vehicle offer (red sticker).



Soft bag / Tape sealed or stapled (A bit sturdier than some soft baggies)

A French issue Meccano baggie, with large defined straight edge’s black font but horizontal rather than vertical, can be found both taped & stapled with what would look to be brass staples.



Crisp bag / Tape sealed

To date a baggie that has been a point of speculation regarding it’s authenticity, the mystery surrounding it suddenly became clear when a recent find of red sticker Meccano baggies were discovered, it has been one in question as more known examples are part of the Meccano free figure offer/promotion (see Meccano Red sticker guide for full details) & have a large rectangular red sticker on them which covered the font type on the baggies, glad to put this one to rest & confirm it’s authenticity at long last, it is tape sealed & crisp with a blue green large font.


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