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Right folks, all I can say about the PBP offers is that we do not have a lot to go on to date, that’s actually a bit of an understatements as it goes, we have 2 scraps of paper to show what was offered & no actual mailer images, we do not know if they were ever sent in baggies let alone mailer boxes like the other we are accustomed to.

From what we can gather they were sent in heavyweight jiffy mailer envelopes & in baggies, we are not 100% if they were Kenner or Palitoy baggies as we just don’t have any solid provenance though looking at the examples that have been unearthed since I first wrote this section. It may well be a mixture of Kenner & Palitoy depending on the offer dates much like Toltoys & Palitoy single mailer offers, though the sole image we have of a complete mailer example seems to be AFA graded & contains a Kenner NN baggie, so it is still speculation if the others were non Kenner baggies or simply loose figures (Fett/IG88/Bossk/Dengar).

These are the 2 known flyers in question which depict 5 figure, it is not even clear at this time if indeed all 5 figures were offered, but I can confirm the Nien Numb was & some collectors in Spain got those sent to them, it’s speculated they may well have just been sent out in a padded envelope as loose figures, sadly as said nothing can be confirmed 100% Please do reach out to me if you know of anything about the PBP mail away offers as it’s all a bit of a mystery for now.”

Please do reach out to me if you know of anything about the PBP mail away offers as it’s all a bit of a mystery for now.”

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Another example of the Nien Nunb now confirmed with some close up’s of the included offer paperwork which was added for display ability I would assume (not included with the mailer).


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