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Frank Mewes


Star Wars Issued Brown box early issue Multi-Packs (& white Cantina packs)

This is going to be a long haul & an on going project trying to compile as many as I can, this will be happening with the help of Andy_R & Pat O’Brien both from RS, so please be patient.

Multi packs (MP’s) were issued by several companies in the U.S to and provided a cheaper alternative to Carded figures & a way for folk to add multiple figures to there collections, these packs were available via post from retail stores Sears, J.C.Penny, Wards,  Spiegel & Aldens with some companies only offering a few & others offering many, some packs were specific to just one outlet while other being available from multiple retailers, hence some having many issue code numbers on them rather than just a single order reference number, they had from 2 to 16 figures in them which came in baggies with a small catalogue showing other items from the toy line & were a perfect way for parents to give kids a lot of figures as a gift without breaking the bank, there are to date at least 85 known packs but I have heard that there may be as many as 98 (unconfirmed) with some others intended for release in the POTF line, though no example has ever surfaced (15.10.21) – 1 has been confirmed & it is likely they never made it to the production stage, nowhere near as many of these pack exist as with MOC as the packaging was at the time not regarded as something of any value & was in most cases discarded as simply being a cardboard box :eek:

There are 3 eras of MP’s Star Wars E.S.B & ROTJ, each era having different box types (usually) with a couple of exceptions, 4 if you include the POTF issue one, but that never came with baggies (confirmed).

In this first section I plan to cover the early issue plain brown or white box early issued MP’s, please note that although the number of MP’s issued is one thing, confirmed remaining examples of some is still a matter of debate, with several having never been discovered to date, bear this in mind when looking at the visual reference/photos & availability of them, hence some will be listed but no image is available.

If you have a pack that is not shown in the guide below I would be most grateful if you could help out & provide photos of any you have so they can be added to the index.

Awesome group shot of Samir Kirm’s excellent collection.

Catalog page showing some of the packs available.

White Creature packs

White Creature packs were I think the first issued (not 100% if they came before the brown boxes or at the same time TBH)


Sears 49-59412 1978 – 2 pack Greedo – Blue Snag


Sears 49-59412 1979 – 2 Pack Greedo Red Snag


Sears 49-59413 1978-9 – 2 Pack Hammerhead Walrus man

Pic of the 2 Greedo / Snag 2 packs side by side, the red text contained the red snag & the black text the blue version & both stated Pack #1 which has caused confusion in years gone by.

Photo courtesy of Uncle Ron

The 2 Cantina packs (#1 & #2 Blue Snag) but a sealed example that has been X-rayed.

Spiegel/Penney/Aldens 1979 – 924-3353 – 57T4489 – 85Y8413 – 4 pack Hammerhead Walrus man red Snaggletooth Greedo

SW BROWN BOX Multi-packs

COURTESY OF LandoSkiff (Dan)

Great photo of a freshly opened pack, figures never removed COURTESY OF LandoSkiff (Dan) which I think makes for a great introductory photo for this section.

Sears 49-59414 – 1979 – Death Squad Commander Luke (Farm Boy) Han Solo (Large Head) this pack has been seen with the small head Han Solo but it’s very rare.

Wards/Penney/Spiegel/Aldens 48-24489  923-0889 – ( 57T882 / 57T887 ) – 58Y684 – 1978-79 – Leia Organa Han Solo (Large Head) Chewie Jawa – 4 pack

NOTE THE 2 VARYING FONT STYLES ON THE LEIA & JAWA -Both SW-d, but there seem to be more & more minor variations creeping into the mix so both large & small font like with the SW-a’s so do need sub-classing SW-a/1 /2 etc at some point, noticed by SWFUK member, Snaggletooth.

Wards/Penney/Spiegel/Aldens 48-24490 – 923-0871 – ( 57T4880 – 57T4886 ) – 85Y7685 – 1978-79 Ben  Luke (farm boy) C-3p0 R2 D2 – 4 pack

Sears/Wards/Aldens – 1978-79 – 49-59415 – 48-24491 – 85Y7686 – Darth Vader Stormtroopers x 2 – 3 pack

Sears 49-59416 – 1978 – Chewie R2 3p0 – 3 pack


Sears 49-59417 – 1978 – Jawa / Tusken Raider’s X 2 – 3 pack

Photo Courtesy of Uncle Ron

Same as the above pack (Sears 49-59417) but an X-Ray done of a sealed pack.


Same pack as above but a bit of an oddity picked up recently, this pack has been printed incorrectly with an additional digit in the code, same as the above one (Sears 49-59417 – Jawa / Tusken Raider’s X 2 – 3 pack) but has an additional number 4 in the code (factory typo 49-594147) first & only such code error I have seen, confirmed as the same pack as has been X-Rayed to confirm. Is this in fact an authentic factory error or could it be a Jeff G creation? Hmm food for thought…

Wards/penney/spiegel/aldens – 1978-79 – 48-24496 – 923-0988 – ( 57T-4881 – 57T-4888 ) – 85Y8415 – Darth Vader Tusken Raider Stormtroopers x 2 – 4 pack

Penney/Spiegel/Aldens – 1979 – 924-3346 – 57T-4890 – 85Y8418 – Luke (X-Wing) R5 Boba Fett Power Droid – 4 pack, this is a Q.C sign off pack & the only known example of one.

Sears – 1979 – 49-59451 Luke (X-Wing) Boba Fett – 2 Pack Pack, see page 6 for a Q.C sign off example with the same sign off signature as the others shown on this section.

Sears – 1977-78? (possibly 78/79??) – 49-59455 Luke (Farm Boy) Leia (Organa) 3p0 Death Squad Commander Tusken Raider Chewie Greedo Hammerhead Darth Vader Snaggletooth (Red) R2 Walrus Man Stormtrooper Jawa Han solo (Large Head) Ben – 16 Pack both known versions (1977/78)

Sears/Aldens – 1979 – 49-59458 – 85Y8416 – Chewie R2 Death Star Droid 3p0 – 4 Pack the one pictured is another signed QC sample & again the only one known to date, same signature as the one above.

NO IMAGE AVAILABLE AS YET & from what we know no examples have ever been found.

Sears – 1979 – 49-59459 Darth Vader Stormtroopers x 3 – 4 pack

Sears/Aldens – 1979-80 – 49-59461 – 85Y8410 Jawa’s X 3 Tusken Raider – 4 Pack

NO EXAMPLE HAS EVER SURFACED TO DATE So with it being what I would regard as a bit of a grail pack & me having a huge soft spot for Jawa’s, I have managed to pickle this approximation of what it may look like, I have put all SW-b baggies into the set with a box that only has half the factory code on which I got cheap ( the prefix part of the code is the same as this pack), I know it may well not be right, but I think its as close as we are ever likely to see unless a genuine pack surfaces, hell we have no idea what baggies would be in the pack bar that they would be SW era ones though likely B or D’s, it could be for all we know 3 VCJ’s :eek: so please bear in mind this is NOT the actual pack, just an approximation of what it should be.

ESB Plain White Box Multi-packs

As with the SW issued packs above, generally speaking the baggies in all the packs were identical, this era covered a lot more packs & figure combinations than the previous SW era ones due to more figures having been released & the success of the previous store MP’s, most were plain white boxes with just catalogue numbers much like the SW issued ones above though some sported the figure line up’s in text on the front & there were a small number released with line art images on the boxes of the included figures in Blue on the packet front, These “line art packs” are regarded as highly desirable & always command a huge premium, maybe one day eh!


Wards/Aldens – 1980 – 48-24511 – 58Y8404 – Darth, Fett, IG88 ,Hoth trooper – 4 pack

Wards – 1980 – 48-24512 Han Hoth, Leia Bespin (crew neck), Lando Bespin, BSG (White) – 4 PACK

Wards/Spiegel/Aldens – 1980 – 48-24513 – 57-4874 – 85Y8403 – Luke Bespin, Yoda, R2, FX-7 – 4 Pack (2 different versions of this pack exist)


Wards/Spiegel – 1980 – 48-24514 – 57- 4873 – Hoth Troopers X 2, Hoth Rebels X 2 – 4 Pack


Penney – 1980 – 928-0439 BSG (White), Lando Bespin, FX-7, Han Hoth, IG-88, Hoth Rebel, Luke Bespin (Blonde), Hoth Trooper, Yoda (Orange Snake),Leia Bespin (Crew Neck) – 10 Pack

There are alternate spellings of “Fatigues” on the ESB 9 and 10-packs, and also light blue and dark blue print variants.

The misspelling of “Fatigues” as “Fatiques” was corrected but both packs can be found with either spelling.
This makes 3 variations for the 10 pack alone: dark blue print with “Q” spelling, dark blue print with “G” spelling, and light blue print with “G” spelling.


Penney – 1980 – 928-0454 Imperial Trooper, Chewie, Darth, IG-88 – 4 Pack

Photo Courtesy of Andy Raymond

Penney – 1980 – 928-0488 BSG (White), FX-7, 3p0, R2 – 4 Pack

Penney/Spiegel – 1980 – 928-0496 – 57-4871 – Luke (X-Wing),Leia Bespin (Crew Neck),Han Hoth, Lando Bespin – 4 Pack

Photo Courtesy of Sven Schneider

Penney – 1980 – 928-0512 Hoth Rebel, Luke Bespin (Blonde), Han (fat head), Fett


Sears – 1980 – 49-59032 Ben (White Hair), 3p0, R2, Chewie, Stormtrooper, DSD, Death Squad Commander, Hammerhead, Luke (farmboy – Blonde), Leia (Organa), Luke (X-Wing), Greedo, Snaggletooth (Red), Walrus Man, R5 – 15 Pack.

Available in standard & line are versions

Sears – 1980 – 49-59035 Luke Bespin (Blonde), Leia Bespin (Crew Neck), Lando Bespin, BSG (White), Hoth Rebel, Han Hoth, FX-7, Hoth Trooper, IG-88 – 9 Pack.

This one has also been issued under another number from the same store just to confuse the issue (so I am told).

Standard issue.

Photo Courtesy or Mark Yeo

Line Art Version.

Sears – 1980 – 49-59051 3p0, R2, Yoda (Orange Snake), Luke (X-Wing) – 4 Pack


Spiegel – 1980 – 57-4870 – R2, 3p0, Han (Big Head), Chewie 4 Pack

Standard issue pack.

Photos Courtesy of Mark Yeo
Line Art Version with close up

Sears/Spiegel – 1980 – 49-59054 – 57-4872 – Bossk, Fett, Vader, IG-88 – 4 Pack.

I have two photos available for this pack, each with differing catalogues, I would suspect that it is possible that it could have been found with either, but I suspect (speculation) that the black background ESB one is the more likely correct one for this pack.

Sears – 1980 – 49-59057 Hoth Trooper, Hoth Rebel, FX-7, Han Hoth – 4 Pack


Wards/Penney/Aldens – 1981 – 48-24545 – 929-4877 – 85Y8370 – Darth, Fett, Hoth Troopers X 2. – 4 Pack


Wards/Penney/Spiegel – 1981 – 48-24546 – 929-5049 – 57-4867 – Chewie, R2-D2, 3p0, Yoda – 4 pack

Wars/Penney/Aldens – 1981-82 – 48-24547 – 929-4224 – 85Y8372 – Dengar Rebel Commander, At At Driver, Imperial Commander, 2-1b, Leia Hoth, Ugnaught, Lobot. – 8 Pack


Wards – 1981 – 48-24548 Han Hoth, Yoda, Luke (X-Wing), Lando Bespin – 4 Pack.

This pack is listed in the Kellerman book twice as far as I can fathom, I.E it’s listed on 2 separate lines directly next to one another, both packs have the same line up & I have to assume this was a little error at time of printing, so regard to 2 further codes here as the same pack but for Sears & Aldens – 1981-82 – 49-59172 – 58Y8371


Sears/Wards 1981 – 49-59176  – 48-24549 – Stormtrooper Hoth Rebel, Hoth Stormtrooper, Rebel Commander. 4 Pack.

Sears – 1981 – 49-59179 Rebel Commander, Leia Hoth, Ugnaught, Lobot, 2-1b, Han bespin, At At Driver, Imperial Commander, Dengar. 9 Pack.

Photo courtesy of Pat O'Brien 
Photo courtesy of Pat O'Brien 

Sears – 1981 – 49-59182 Darth Vader, Yoda, Chewie, Ben Kenobi, 3p0, R2, Luke Farmboy, FX-7, Tusken Raider, Jawa, Hoth Stormtrooper, Death Squad Commander, Greedo, Hammerhead. 14 Pack, 3 examples of this pack turned up all together last year (2022) as well as 2 examples of the below shown 8 pack in the same find, so it’s a pleasure to be able to to finally add an image to the guide, all baggies are ESB-c bar the creatures which are ESB-d.

Penney – 1981 – 929-4216  Hammerhead, Snaggletooth, Tusken Raider, Ben Kenobi, Greedo, Jawa, Walrus Man, Stormtrooper – 8 Pack, great to finally have this one on the guide thanks to a member showcasing it on Facebook last year, one of very few examples known to exist, also was news to me that any ESB era packs were issued in brown boxes rather than just white ones, every days a school day init, info added 17.10.21 – lots of images for this one I know but it’s so dam cool! also codes on all different sides of the box.

I find it intriguing that all the figures are SW era rather than ESB era & more so with the brown box, you’d have expected this to be a SW era MP.

Photo Courtesy of ANDY RAYMOND

Penney/Spiegel – 1981 – 929-5056 – 57-4868 – Hoth Rebel, Han Hoth, Luke X-Wing, Lando Bespin. – 4 Pack


Spiegel – 1981 – 57-4869 Hoth Rebel Commander, Hoth Rebel, Stormtrooper X 2 – 4 pack

Photo Courtesy of Andy Raymond

Wards/Penney/Spiegel – 1982 – 48-62351 – 655-1634 – 57-6252 – Vader, Fett, IG88, Stormtrooper – 4 pack.

We can’t confirm if the baggies for this as the only 2 known images depict different ones, but they are the only examples we have seen.


Wards/Penney/Spiegel – 1982 – 48-62352 – 655-1642 – 57-6253 – Chewie, Han (large head), Leia (organa), Luke (farm boy) – 4 pack 

Image courtesy of Andrew Neo

Wards – 1982 – 48-62354 – Luke Hoth/Zuckuss/At AT Commander/CCP/C-3p0/R2-D2/Tie Pilot/Bespin Security guard -(Black) – 8 Pack


Spiegel – 1982 – 57-6250 Luke Hoth/Lando calrissian/Ben/Leia Hoth/FX-7/Bossk/Darth Vader/Han Hoth/At At Driver/DSC/At At Commander – 12 pack.

Image courtesy of Andrew Neo

Wards/Penney/Spiegel – 1982 – 48-62355 – 655-1626 – 57-6251 – R2-D2/Yoda/Luke X Wing/Ben – 4 pack.

Penney – 1982 – 655-1659 – Lando Calrissian/Leia Bespin (turtleneck)/Lobot/Ugnaught – 4 pack

Note the Lobot white arm variant both arms are totally white ( above pack without catalogue code label) & also note – this is the only pack & sole baggie type the turtle neck Leia can be found in, I believe this to be the only box to be plain on all side bar the side with the P.O.P – no code on it just plain white, EDIT another example now added (2nd shown) with a code sticker on it.

Penney – 1982 – 655-1758 Luke Hoth/Tie pilot/Zuckuss/At At Commander/R2-D2 (Sensorscope)/CCP/C-3p0 (R.L)/Bespin Security Guard (White) – 8 Pack

Sears – 49-59231 Luke Bespin/2-1B/FX-7/CCP/At At Driver/At At Commander/Tie pilot/Imperial Commander – 8 Pack

Just look how excited that kid must have been to get at the figures! Box torn right through in the mid section, some may say it’s ruined, but to me that’s history right there.

Thanks to Shane Carter for the inclusion.

Sears – 1982 – 49-59242 Luke Hoth/Han hoth/Yoda – 3 Pack.

Photo Courtesy of Andy Raymond

Sears – 1982 – 49-59243 Rebel Commander/Hoth Rebel/Hoth Rebel – 3 Pack

Additional pack shown (without catalogue) has a weapons error, the Hoth Commander had no weapon in the baggie, but there was (oddly) a loose one within the pack as shown.

Sears – 1882 – 49-59244 R2-D2 (Sensorscope)/C-3p0(R.L)/Chewbacca – 3 Pack.

Note this is the same line up as the SW era pack “Sears 49-59416 – 1978 – Chewie R2 3p0 – 3 pack” & again Sears being the retailer supplying it, this time though with the ESB era versions of R2 & 3P0.

Photo Courtesy of ANDY RAYMOND

Sears – 1982-83 – 49-59245 Darth Vader/Stormtrooper/Stormtrooper – 3 Pack

Included is a photo of a 2nd example with a weapons error trooper with Jawa blaster, not that I expect it’ll help his aim much 🤣

I have checked & cross checked the Kellerman guide & no mention of a second pack with the Hoth Stormtroopers is listed, so as of 27/9/15 you can regard this as another pack, really threw me out this has, as you can see they both share the same code, but one has an earlier issue ESB style white box, the other a ROTJ Red Sticker one.

I can only assume this is indeed the same pack but due to it being issued as late as 83 (most ESB packs only went up to 1982), they updated the box with what was being issued at the time & kept the same code & figure line up??


Photo Courtesy of ANDY RAYMOND

Sears – 1982 – 49-599246 Boba Fett/Stromtrooper/IG-88 – 3 Pack

Image courtesy of ANDY RAYMOND

Sears – 1982 – 49-59247 Dengar/Zuckuss/Bossk – 3 Pack

Wards 48-24470 yeah of issue unconfirmed but I expect it’s 1981 with what’s written on the box – At At Driver/Leia Hoth/Imperial Commander/Hoth Commander – 4 pack.

Some of the figures have never been seen in this baggie type before, so this is quite the exciting discovery both in terms of previously unknown things (Q.C Pack / Never before seen pack / or baggies).

As I understand it this turned up in the latest Hakes auction & till now as said was not known about, check out the dates it was issued, it’s not listed in the Montgomery Wards 1981 Christmas catalogue, the date written on it is from April 1981, months before the Xmas catalogues were sent out. Makes us wonder if it was from a spring catalogue or perhaps another flyer type thing? if so & this is only turning up now, it begs the question – what else is out there we have not yet seen / were there other MP’s available in this offer etc etc, makes the mind boggle, info / speculations courtesy of Andy Raymond & photos courtesy of Samir Krim.


Sears Wish Book from 1982 depicting some of the MP figures offered that year, figured this would make a nice addition to this MP post.


The most common of all the multipacks issued by the catalogue distributors & still widely available for sale if you know where to look, some are readily available frequently, others are much tougher to track down & as will the ESB era issue some are just damn near impossible to find.

They came with a huge verity of figures/figure combos with some figures making an appearance in several packs, with the toy line being so well established & its popularity huge, lots of these packs were produced, with a vast selection of figure in them with all 77 figures already being in production by the time these hit the catalogues.

They come with a large round red sticker depicting several charterers on it (bar the 3 flyer ones at the bottom), including the very bright red cape Bib Fortuna pre production figure we are all accustomed to seeing, but never get the opportunity to own.

They came with a catalogue folded over inside the box as the previous catalogue multi packs did, just this time obliviously related to the ROTJ era & sporting its logo.


Sears – 49-59245 – 1982-83 Darth Vader/Hoth Trooper/Hoth trooper – 3 Pack.

Note that the Vader is in a SW era baggie making the whole 2 packs with the same code thing even more obscure (see 49-59245 ESB era MP’s section for more info)


Wards/Penney/Spiegel – 19.83 – 48-62687 – 655-3796 – 57-6279 – General Maidine/Rebel Commando/Lando (Skiff)/Luke Jedi knight (know with blue & green saber)/Chief Chirpa/Logrey/Admiral Ackbar/Boussh – 8 Pack


Wards/Penney/Spiegel – 1983 – 48-62688 – 655-3804 – 57-6278 – Gamorrean Guard/Ree Yee’s/Bib/Biker Scout/ERG/Klaatu/Weequay/Squid head – 8 Pack.

Sears/Wards/Spiegel – 1983 – 49-59181 – 48-62689 – 57-6277 – ERG/Biker Scout/Ben/Nien Nunb/C-3p0/R2-D2/Tie Pilot/Yoda – 8 Pack, this pack was also issued with the tie pilot in ESB-h baggie (confirmed from a sealed pack)


Penney – 1983 – 655-3861 Dart Vader/Luke X Wing/Yoda/Boba Fett – 4 pack.


Penney – 1983 – 665-3879 – Stormtrooper x 4 – 4 Pack


Penney – 1983 – 665-3887 – Ben/R2-D2(Sensorscope)/Chewbacca/C-3p0 (R.L) – 4 Pack


Sears – 1983 – 49-59035 – Admiral Ackbar/General Madine/Rebel commando – 3 Pack – this catalogue number is a repeat of one used for an earlier ESB Issued 9 Pack

Courtesy of Andy Raymond

Sears – 1983 – 49-59041 – Gamorrean Guard/Squid Head/Bib Fortuna – 3 Pack.

2 examples shown below with baggies they were issued with, just as an example that not all ROTJ issued packs came with the same baggie types, Note the blue font on this box, from what we know this was the sole ROTJ era pack that came with this colour print on the box, additional image with catalogue.


Sears/Spiegel – 1983 – 49-59222 – 57-6280 – Lando Calrissian/Boussh/Luke jedi (available with both blue or green saber) – 3 Pack.


Sears – 1983 – 49-59444 – Klaatu/Ree Yee’s/Weequay – 3 Pack.


Sears – 1983 – 49-59872 – Chief Chirpa/Logray/Chewbacca – 3 Pack.

Penny/Spiegel – 1984 – 655-6153 – 57-6290 – Chief Chirpa/ Lumat/ Logray/ Wicket – 4 Pack

Note the Logray staff – see Logray section for more info, this is NOT a weapons error.

Penney – 1984 – 655-6161 – Leia Organa/Luke Farmboy/Darth Vader/Han Solo (large head)

Penney – 1984 – 655-6179 – Chewbacca/IG-88/C-3p0/R2-D2 – 4 Pack.


Penney – 1984 – 655-6237 – Emperor/Klaatu Skiff/Nikto/8D8/Rancor Keeper/At St Driver/ERG -7 Pack.

Penney -1984 – 1655-6245 – B-Wing Pilot/Leia (Endor)/Wicket/Han (Trench)/Prune Face/Teebo/Paploo – 7 Pack worth noting the supposed ESB-h baggie for Paploo, which is a twin heat seal overstock baggie, which is correct (see single figure baggies or the Revised Kenner guide for details).


Wards – 1984 – 48-62381 Luke Jedi/Leia (Endor)/Lando (Skiff) – 3 Pack.


Sears – 1984 – 48-59010 – Klaatu (skiff)/Nikto/8D8 – 3 Pack.


Sears/Wards – 1985-85 – 49-59012 – 48-62251 – Wicket/Papaloo/Teebo – 3 Pack.


Sears – 1984 – 48-59014 – Rancor Keeper/Prune Face/At St Driver – 3 Pack.

Image courtesy of Pete Fizke

Spiegel – 1984 – 57-6287 – C-3p0 (R.L)/Ben/Chewbacca/R2-D2/Han Hoth/Leia/Luke X Wing – 7 Pack.

Sears/Wards/Spiegel –1984-85 – 49-59017 – 48-62252 – 57-6288 – Darth Vader/Emperor/ERG – 3 Pack.


Sears/Wards – 1984-85 – 49-59021 – 48-62380 – C-3p0 (R.L)/Ben/Yoda/Chewbacca/R2-D2/Han Hoth/Leia/Luke X Wing – 8 Pack.


Sears – 1984 – 49-59023 – Gamorrean Guard/Squid Head/Imperial Commander/Boba Fett/Bike Scout/Hoth Trooper/Stormtrooper/At At Commander – 8 Pack.

Image Courtesy of PAT O'BRIEN

PLEASE NOTE the below 3 x 3 packs do not sport the red ROTJ round sticker & were not included in the Kellerman matrix, but are mentioned in the book in another section & were offered exclusively in a Wards envelope stuffer & assumed to have been offered in credit card statements according to the Kellerman book, envelope stuffer.


Wards – presumed 1984-85? – 48-62372 Darth Vader/Biker Scout/ERG – 3 Pack

Photo Courtesy of Samir Krim

Wards 48-62373 – presumed to be – 1984-85? – General Madine/Admiral Ackbar/Boussh – 3 Pack.

Photo Courtesy of Samir Krim

Wards (presumed) – 1984-85? -48-623374 Boba Fett/Bib Fortuna/Squid Head – 3 Pack

Catalogue 1009-32-sw41, sadly this is the only 1 of the 5 we have any real info & images for, they “maybe” be JC Penney ??

Photos Courtesy of Andy Raymond

ROTJ era Line Art Packs  I have long known about these packs via the ever informative Andy Raymond (thanks Andy) but never had as much as a scrap of info nor any images to include on the guide, as well there’s very little known about them, but I am including what I do have below.

There’s next to nothing on these packs sadly, what I have I am sharing, I can’t make out the figure line up’s let alone the pack code numbers so what you see is what you get, these would seem to be different figure line up’s to the other packs already covered in this guide, there is no mention of these on the Kellerman matrix sadly.

Side note – check out those prices $85 a pop – I’ll have them all please!


NO IMAGE AVAILABLE AS YET & likely never will be, but there’s always hope!

Penney – 1985 – 655-7128 – Warok/Romba/Wicket/Logray – 4 Pack – Never seen this pack & may never have been released & if it was there’s a good chance it was sent out with carded figures like the other POTF era Pack below.

Penny – 1985 – 655-7136 – Luke (Poncho)/Han (Carbonite)/Luke (Stormtrooper)/Amanaman/Barada/EV-9D9/R2-D2 (pop up)/Imperial Gunner – No example of this pack has ever surfaced and It is unclear if it was ever actually issued, though unlikely.
New info on the above pack as of 2021 – an example of the pack finally turned up for sale on eBay & it can now be 100% confirmed they did indeed issue the pack, sadly not in a mailer box & not with baggies 😭
It was in fact sent out in a large brown padded envelope as you can see & with all POTF carded figures rather than baggies, well it deserves a mention in the baggie guide anyway, but what a huge disappointment that those ace POTF era figures were indeed never offered in Kenner baggies – wounded!

I figured this image needed to be added as it’s just such an awesome sight!… behold Andy Raymond’s collection all stacked up!


Special thanks to these contributors for their knowledge and image contributions:

Laurence Dyer, Arnaud Heyser, Andrew Neo, AJ, Snaggletooth, Kevin Bletsoe, Brett Meyer, DEL, Gary Borbidge, Edd Grant, Chris Eddleman, Vince Hely, Nathan Maunder, Jamie Woollard, Niels Pit, Andrew MacLachlan, cantina_patron, Franck Gadal, Joe, Richard Temple, Sven Schneider, Steve Savory, Shane Carter, Chris Fawcett, Andy Clarke, psybertech, Jake Neilheisel, Alex Pardi, Marc Caraway, Spookedhippy, Frank Ferro, James Body, Jonathan Freeman, Grant Criddle, Chris Arbizzani, RobbieZombbie, Narayan S. Naik, Mark Yeo, SHAWN_K, Andy Raymond, MOMIKE, theguiltyone, Sublevel Studios, Mike Silver, Mr Palitoy, Ronny Anngren, Willem-Jan Bos, Robert Heron, Darren H, REBELALLIANCE, Uncle Ron, LandoSkiff (Dan), Mike Horn, Pat O’Brien, Benjamin, Samir Krim, Pete Fizke, Final Frontier, Mike Heel, MR KENNER, Chris Fawcett, John Kellerman, Paul Naylor, Matthieu Barthelemy, Stéphane Faucourt, Andy Clarke, Yogi, Chris Simmons, Stormtrooper37, Robert Heron, Thomas Derby, Todd G, Sheldon Wagstaffe, Derek Ho, Broc Walker, Adam Marks, James Gallo, Charles Jones, Darrell Johnson & Brendi Burton, Christian Somma, Johnpaul Ragusa, Jesse Cedar Soberman, Dorothée Drouin Franck Gada, Dennis Hall.

Photos in the guide galleries below are compiled from a number of photo sources. It’s not been possible to find credits for each one, however, if you own one of the featured images and want to have your credit added, or don’t wish to have your photo included, please let me know and I’ll arrange.

Thanks, Chihuahua.