Miscellaneous Baggies Guide

Frank Mewes

Frank Mewes


Stormtrooper Blaster Baggie


Twin heat sealed / soft 

This is one that came in the early issued SW-b & D baggies with the Stormtrooper (see Stormtrooper baggies) & this is one from a damaged baggie, the blaster is a slightly translucent M7 Kader.

It has now been confirmed these have also been found in the earliest issued ESB era baggies (ESB-a 1st issue).

Imperial Blaster Guide
Stormtrooper Figure Guide

Removable limbs C3P0 net baggie


Tape sealed / Soft

Would have been found inside the figure baggie (with the figure) & has come from a damaged baggie.

Palitoy Survival kit baggie


Twin heat sealed / Soft

Would have come from a Survival Kit mail away promotion mailer box.

Rebel transporter accessories baggie


Twin heat sealed / Soft


These were packed in with the rebel transport vehicle as the offer sticker in the images shows.

Jabba's pipe & bowl set baggie


Twin heat sealed / Soft

Would have come with the Jabbas play-set, but many full overstock shipping cases of them have also been found.

Salacious crumb


Heat sealed / Soft


Would have come with the Jabbas play-set, but many full overstock shipping cases of them have also been found.

Salacious Crumb baggies with various minor text variation, noted by Kevin Bletsoe.

Sy Snootles and the Max Rebo band


Heat sealed / Soft

Trilogo no-text baggie.

These were included in the boxed version of the band (U.K & Europe) the U.S issued sets came in blister packs without baggies.

All three figures & the piano bag inside, I found it quite odd that the large outer baggie sports the Black Made in Hong Kong font, whereas the inner baggies are all no text. PHOTO COURTESY OF – Kevin Bletsoe

Probot Droid


Heat sealed / Soft

Probot Droid version 1 & the ONLY VERSION I can confirm 100% legit – No Text heat sealed. See FAKES section for the other examples.

Takara wind-up R2-D2


Tape sealed / Crisp

Takara wind up R2-D2 available in counter top display boxes in Japan.

These were issued in a large counter top box (display bin) which can be seen in the “Global promotional items section”, there were also carded examples of this figure offered which I think may have been specific to Canada.

Hoth Wampa


Heat Sealed / Soft

Hoth Wampa, to date I have seen this crop up in 3 baggie types, but can only confirm one as legit so far that being the one with text Made In Hong Kong photo taken from an eBay listing, then these other examples below provided by Kevin Bletsoe.


What is speculated to be spray mask test sample Hoth Wampas.

1. no paint at all on eyes mouth hands claws 
2. left hand painted, right palm and claws no paint
3.both palms painted no claws painted
4. no claws painted flat matt coloured eyes
5. both palms and claws unpainted
6. both palms painted, no claws painted
7. no claws painted,flat matt eyes , uneven eye paint
8. claws painted light coloured greeny/brown , palms painted, eyes and mouth uneven partially painted 

These further 8 examples to be added soon as I get the photos –

9. light grey eyes and mouth
10. no paint on both claws /left hand painted (circles)
11. both claws unpainted
12. dark brown painted claws
13. no eye/mouth claws painted no palm paint left palm
14.dull matt eye paint primer evident unpainted left claws
15. light pink/peach coloured claws
16. dark grey matte eyes & mouth /unpainted claws & palms

Aftermarket Store Made up multi figure baggie

Heat Sealed / soft 


Aftermarket Store Made up multi figure baggie technically not an official release as the title would suggest, this kind of pack was made up by some stores to try to move dead stock that was not selling at the end of the toy line, much like the Woolies 8 packs, but made up in store, an interesting item all the same IMO & worthy of inclusion.


Special thanks to these contributors for their knowledge and image contributions:

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