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Frank Mewes


America had more mail away offers than any other country & not just single figure mailers, lots more great photos & information on the other offers as well as the single figure mailers can be found on Shawn K’s great website here, well worth a look as there is some very interesting information on all things mail away.
Mailers – powerofthetoys.com

Survival Kit

Photo courtesy of Mike

Survival kit offer – offered as a way of bulking those hoovered up weapons up your mother relived you of on a daily basis, well if your mum was anything like mine that is.


Photo courtesy of Mike

Silver ESB catalogue.

Admiral Ackbar

Photo courtesy of Mike

Silver ESB catalogue.


Photo courtesy of Mike

ROTJ Jabba catalogue.

Boba Fett

Photo Courtesy of Chris Eddleman

Boba Fett 1st issue issue, with brown envelope ( SW-d) small font type.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Eddleman

Boba Fett SW-d / large font version Large Booklet with Sweepstakes flyer.

Boba Fett SW-d / large Font version, Small Booklet pink flash a cool weapons error version discovered with 2 blasters I felt worthy of inclusion.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Eddleman

Boba Fett ROTJ-j which has been previously called SW-b IMO incorrectly / Large Booklet.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Eddleman

Boba Fett ESB issue ESB-a (1st issue) with Luke Yoda Booklet.

Boba Fett with “true SW’b baggie”


Sealed mailer exciting discovery, first ever sealed Fett mailer to have surface, would have been two, sadly the seller opened one to show the contents :eek: what a sad loss, but hey at least there is still a sealed example out there. Other examples have since been discovered.


Bossk SW-a – I always thought it was rather odd that this ESB issued figure was put out in a SW-a first issue white text baggie, not sure what the reasoning behind this was. It has now been confirmed beyond a shadow of doubt that the Bossk mailer has also turned up with both the ESB-a & ESB-c baggies & Now also ESB-f (what in tarnation) , confirmed from sealed examples opened for grading – now that is odd! as ALL other know single figure mailers came with the same bag type throughout its short lifespan, NOTE that the black flyer is known in 2 versions (Matt & Glossy) both examples shown above with SW-a baggies.

Bossk ESB-f

Bossk ESB-c Please Note this is a Canadian example mirrored in the Canadian section below, I do not have a US Kenner example to show for the time being, that’s assuming the ESB-c was indeed issued in the USA.

Bossk ESB-a


Photo courtesy of Mike

Emperor ESB-c – the most commonly found mailer out there as I am sure most of you will already know.

Photo courtesy of James Cox

Emperor ROTJ-c

Nien Nunb

Photo courtesy of Mike

Han Trench Coat

Han Trench Coat ROTJ era mailer. A possible mailer intended for production that never actually made it there, this “could be” like the Palitoy Anakin offer which never saw it’s production run, but this one would have been for the USA rather than the UK, we don’t have anything more to go on than the little info on here as well as the above images you see, we have no solid provenance so please regard this as a “possible” offer.

This was apparently purchased from a Tom Neiheisel in the early 90’s & it could just as easily have been a marketing idea that never made it to fruition, it’s a big mystery & obviously never released, but I feel it deserves a mention, this has the ESB-d baggie type with it & what looks to be a very different dimension box to other mailers, Images & info courtesy of Jean François Rolland


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