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I would like to dedicate this section to Bill Rodgers, otherwise unaffectionate known as Billy Boy scum bucket filth of the earth Rodgers.

In this section I aim to try & tackle a few of the hurdles in the baggie collecting field, there are (as with anything of value) many fakes circulating in the market, some very easy to spot, some not so.

The most commonly faked baggie in existence has to be the ROTJ-c baggie which is basically the same as a ESB-c but with green/grey text rather than bright blue, the reason for this being the most faked bag bar none is IMO purely due to the fact that not hundreds but thousands of removeable limbed 3PO’s have been unearthed over the years, many 200 figure shipping cases turned up & it is IMO these baggies that are more often than not used to “re-bag” figures I.E opening the tape seal & inserting a more expensive & desirable figure in its place, 99 times out 100 these are easy to spot due to several factors, the first being – did this figure ever come in that baggie type??, not many figures have been found in the ROTJ-c baggie so be cautious when looking to buy a figure coming in this baggie type!, I will go into tape seals/reseals further down the post & cover what you will need to look for to easily spot a fake no matter how well it has been done.

Here is an example of a genuine ROTJ-c baggie R.L 3p0 & below a fake example of a DIY made Hollow tubes Tusken Raider in resealed baggie, note the baggie & figure can now both be classed as fakes FYI no hollow tubes variant of this figure has ever been found in any type.

Second most commonly faked baggie award has to go to the Kenner Super Powers range of figures which were also produced by Kenner for vintage figures, but are clearly not the same as their star wars equivalents, the most obvious of which is they are much much wider than the ESB-a baggies (version 2 / later issue) they aim to imitate, ESB-a baggies are always heat sealed, so if you see this style baggie with a tape seal it is undoubtedly a fake, these crop up with great frequency, some are on ebay now as I type this out, they are used the same as the ROTJ-c I spoke of as are available in great numbers & are not expensive, the only baggie style they IMO actually come close to is the POTF A & B baggie which came with last 17 figures in the later (2nd) issue version of the Jabba’s Dungeon playset, but those are a crisp baggies & these fake super powers ones are of a soft & quite thick material.

A super powers baggie with the correct figure in.

Faked blue snag baggie in the same super powers baggie, FYI Blue Snag was only ever issued in a single baggie type, that being the SW-c.

Another prime example of a faked super powers baggie here, this time a Squid Head heat sealed rather than taped example.

An image with a selection of super powers range figure shown alongside their opened baggies.

A good selection of star wars fakes in super bowers re-bags – AVOID these.

Another prime example of a similar but not identical baggie type (note the slightly lighter font & marginally narrow baggie), I am sure the owners of these would argue the point, this one is actually shown on the SWCA as a genuine baggie, but IMO on consideration of all the facts at hand I would say it is a fake & not the genuine article, all trace back to a single find at a toy fair from the same seller with questionable history.

Next would have to be the ESB-h no text large baggies, not so often seen faked, but they are out there, it does not help that the genuine ESB-h baggies have multiple incarnations. All other similar baggies have since been allotted their own clear classifications (see linked thread) – httpss://www.starwarsforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=13371 & the fact there can be quite some variation in the seals on these as IMO these were hastily made as a substitute stand in baggie for shortfalls on order (speculation), though as with other fakes, if you follow a few ground rules a fake should be something easy enough to spot to the trained eye, I have even seen sandwich bags heat sealed up being peddled as ESB-h baggies, so caution is again always advised when buying ESB-h style baggies.

The above is what is considered to be a faked ESB-h, but with so many showing up they could also easily be Kenner dead/overstock baggies (debateable considering the source), either done directly by Kenner or at a later date by whomever bought up the remaining dead stock, either way it’s not a correct ESB-h baggie, & below a genuine ESB-h baggie, the other incarnations used to be shown here, but have all singe been allotted their own classifications to save further confusion, these can all be seen on this sister guide.

The Revised Kenner Baggie Guide

A few examples of authentic Standard ESB-h above ☝️including a weapons error example, the ESB-h was the most common Kenner baggie type to be found with weapons errors included.

Next contender is the ESB-c baggie, again as it’s one that is very commonly available, purely due to the fact it’s the most commonly used Kenner baggie in the toy line with a great many figures coming in the baggie type, I have seen them with figure swaps many a time, with re taped or heat sealed in an attempt to pass them off as the next issue ESB-d baggie which is identical to the ESB-c (large font type), only difference obviously is that one came taped the other heat sealed.

I don’t actually have any faked ESB-c baggies or photos on file sadly, but do have the next best thing, this is a Palitoy-a baggie ( the Palitoy equivalent of the ESB-c), which is clearly a fake, this one traces directly back to Bill Rodgers (Mr King of faked baggies) & is obviously a fake/re-bagged figure, as on close inspection you can clearly see some residual blue tack on the weapon inside the baggie where at some point it must have been displayed lose & the bluetack used to keep the weapon secure in hand.

A genuine ESB-c with Snowtrooper.


On close inspection in good natural lighting (daylight) most fakes can be spotted with a little bit of deductive reasoning & a sharp eye for detail, ask yourself the following questions if you think you have a baggie that could be a possible fake.


  1. Does the heat seal look right?
  2. Is the heat seal messy & disjointed.
  3. Is the bag the same length as other confirmed legitimate examples of this baggie style/type?
  4. Do both the heat seals conform to other legit examples of this baggie type – 95% of the time they should do, it is very seldom I have seen an exception to the rule.
  5. Is the font the correct size/colour & print style as a know legit example?
  6. Also look at the side seals of the baggie, does it look like it may have been reduced in width & resealed (super powers baggies).


  1. Is the tape clean clear? Obviously some yellow, but it is too clear if there is such a thing?
  2. The tape ends – do they conform to know ones, ie the cut pattern of how the tape was broken – there are many many variations so always look.
  3. Tape width – may seem obvious, but have you checked the tape width is correct?
  4. Tape slip – this is where the tape seal has actually moved over time due to environmental (heat & cold) & storage issues & the passing of time, though tape slip is a known factor, is there too much tape slip or is the tape slip going in a different direction to the actual seal??
  5. Particulates under the main portion of the tape seal – if there is anything in between the tape on either top or bottom portion of the seal (fluff/hair/dirt/dust etc) then it’s almost a given fact the baggie has at some point been opened & resealed, it is normal to often find all sorts of residue round the edges of tape as well as in the gap between top (main bit of bag) & bottom (folded over portion) of the baggie if there is a gap as there is sometime.
  6. Creases & folds in the baggie where the seal is or directly under it, which would indicate the baggie has been tampered with in terms of it’s width or length reduced to be resealed.
  7. Creases & pick marks in the baggie at the edges of the seal or close to it – has it got any? If so this is a sure sign someone has been carefully trying to lift a previous seal.
  8. Secondary tape seal residue, look closely as sometime you can see where a previous tape seal was & has been removed.

HEAT SEAL VS TAPE SEAL. The baggie you are looking to buy – did it ever come with the seal type is it being offered up for sale with?? If not, walk away.

IS THE ACCESSORY GENUINE? Is it of the correct style colour for the period in which the baggie type was produced?

IS THE FIGURE COO & ACCESSORY COO A MATCH? This applies to the SW/ESB/ROTJ baggies particularly. The Euro/Palitoy baggies were produced away from the source and are more likely to have mixed up contents.

Contrary to what the SWCA baggie guide states ( I am not knocking their guide here, just pointing out what I have confirmed to be true), most heat sealed baggies do NOT have the same kind of heat seal at the top & the bottom of the baggies, just check one’s you have & know are genuine & you will see what I mean (I have lots of respect for that guide just do not think this point they state about top & bottom heat seals is correct).

Is the COO of the figure correct for the baggie?? For example, a “Made in Hong Kong” figure in a China baggie, if this is the case 99% of the time it’s a sure sign it’s a fake, but not always, there have been some exceptions to this rule, I have seen blank bar (China or for some Ewoks no COO) figures in genuine Palitoy issue baggies which have Hong Kong on them, but it is not a common thing & very few genuine examples like this have surfaced & were likely never general issue baggie but staff shop clearance items).


A work in progress.

Dodgy re bagged Kenner survival kit as sold by Brian’s Toys – obvious fake/re-bagged stock from a mailer.

ROTJ-h Fett, never known in this baggie type.

Clear crisp thin baggie Ree Yee’s with close up of the fake perforated heat seal, this came from the infamous Mr Glanville.

Fake Fett baggie, just showed up on ebay this week (1/16).

Unknown & possible fake Zuckuss baggie.

Unknown & possible fake At At Driver baggie, note the weapon is sealed in its own section below the figure.

Red text side tape sealed baggies (Jeff Glanville).

One I am really on the fence about, I have seen numerous examples of this baggie, so I have sneaking suspicion they are overstock, but could also just as easily be fakes, possible Kenner internal 500 count shippers? We may likely never know, but do NOT regard these as authentic / Kenner issued.

Very poor attempted fake Made in china baggie, assumed the baggies are from some other toy line, though no idea which.

Again a baggie presumed used from some other toy line, this time made in Taiwan baggie.

Couple of poor quality fakes, note the heat seals.

Several examples of Jeff Glanville’s faked Woolworths 8 packs, most have luckily since been removed from the acrylic & the bags opened to remove them from the hobby, well done that man!!

Billy Boy special faked Woolies 8 pack with missing offer sticker.

Fett mailer with incorrect & likely fake baggie & box does not look to be the correct dimensions either.

Dengar mailer with what we assume to be a fake baggie, but could be an authentic euro baggie?

Fake Han again – Jeff Glanville.

Confirmed fake after investigations by both AFA & CAS. Palitoy-a Tri Logo Fett with Blue not blue/black blaster, 2nd example to turn up now of many, although this one is a dark brown belt with unpainted knee, same as the one in my Woolies 8 pack.

PHOTO COURTESY OF - Sheldon Wagstaffe

Confirmed fake after investigations by both AFA & CAS. Palitoy-a Tri Logo Fett with what is considered to be correct black blaster, but this one has a painted dart & painted knee, dark belt.

One of the above Fett’s after being removed from the fake baggie, clearly showing signs of being touched up under UV lighting.

All the above trilogo Fetts were sold by Jeff Glanville & most if not all have since been confirmed fakes by both AFA & CAS.

Droopy McCool, tri logo Black Made in Hong Kong Text baggie Fake.

Both of the Rebo Band baggies above came from Jeff Glanville & no examples can be confirmed elsewhere & looking at the font closely they are obviously fake, they failed the “tape test”.

Probot version 2 Not sure on these myself, but many have cropped up, no allocated baggie type for this, but same font arrangement as a Kenner.


Probot version 3 UNCONFIRMED A baggie I have just been made aware of, I have never seen another like it so sadly can not confirm its authenticity but, the backstory ‘quote” – picked it up at a market stall in the barras market in Glasgow . Which was in a box of star wars parts lone ranger stuff and a few other old toys games etc. The seller said it was from the stuff she bought for her son and came out of one of the box sets, interesting & was bought at a fair (very very low) price, so why would the seller lie? Would be great to find out further info on this baggie. Loads of these I have seen for sale came from Jeff Glanville & looking at the seals I am pretty confident in saying they are fakes Note the tell tale “tram line” heat seal.

Dianoga (trash compactor monster) This one came in a very thick baggie similar to the ESB-h baggies but its a larger baggie with much thicker material, only available in the US Kenner issued death star play set, I have since confirmed that the Dianoga came in a baggie along with the foam bits with the US Kenner issued Death star play set & NOT in a baggie like this, so I am assuming this is an overstock figure that was either bagged at the factory for onward sale as overstock or done at a later date for onward sale by whomever bought up the overstock, as the guy I bought this off has several of these he purchased in bulk many years ago from the states, as such it is unconfirmed & must until further provenance is found be classed as a possible FAKE – most examples if not all have come from Jeff Glanville so I am assuming they are indeed fake.

Ex-Palitoy-r now confirmed FAKE – another one leading back to Jeff.


Special thanks to these contributors for their knowledge and image contributions:

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