Empire Strikes Back Era Baggies

Frank Mewes

Frank Mewes




Soft bag / Heat sealed

ESB-a 1st issue

ESB-a 2nd issue (Light Blue)

ESB-a 2nd issue (Dark Blue)



Soft Bag / Heat sealed

Only know to have existed in the Special offer (1st issue bounty hunters) Darth Vader collectors case ( IG-88 / Bossk / Fett)

ESB-c 1st & 2nd Comparison

ESB-c 1st issue (Unitoy)

ESB-c 2nd issue (Smile)



Soft bag / Heat sealed

Pretty much identical to ESB-c large font version but heat sealed rather than taped.



Soft bag / Heat sealed

A vertical rather than horizontal version of the ESB-a shown above, Soft bag heat sealed

ESB-g v1 / v2


Soft bag / Heat sealed

ESB-g v1

ESB-g v2

Both font types shown above – V1 & V2, the V1 has Chunky text & the Kenner box shows on the right hand side of the Made in China text, the V2 Has thin text & the Kenner box shows to the left of the Made in China text, or has on all examples I have seen of each style to date. both V1 & V2



Soft bag / Single heat seal

Extra wide baggie

This one is about twice the size of a regular ESB-h baggie, they come with the weapons in a bit of sellotape, sometimes with the weapons taped to the body of the figure, it is speculated that these were offered to the employees of Kenner as a cheap way to buy the figures & it has been suggested they were offered on “dollar tables” in the staff shop, though this baggie is not regarded by most as a general release bag offered to the general public, some have turned up from sealed store multi packs.



Soft bag / Twin heat seal

One that has been found in sealed multi packs, assumed as a substitute for the regular baggie offered.



Soft bag / Twin heat seal

Very similar to the ESB-j but differing heat seals (came direct from Bill Wills – Co Author of the old SWCA baggie guide), a very rare bag & one I am TBH a little lost as to where is was offered if indeed it was ever offered on general sale, though it is more likely to have been one never intended for sale, but rather one used either internally as a sample or for opening & carding.


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