Early Bird 4 Packs

Frank Mewes

Frank Mewes



Huge thanks to Mark Yeo for his contributions in this section.

I don’t think this set needs much in way of introduction, as most will know this was the first way kids could get their hands on the toys from the films, being a mail away promotion of the 4 four available figure, which came with stands (pegs) & various paperwork shown below, there were a great many variations within these packs including baggie types (SW-a white text large font & small font & no font/SW-b/SW-c/SW-d) & two catalogue types.

I find this set really interesting, not just due to the inclusion of the rare ESB-g baggie for the Luke, but more so for the fact each figure is in a different baggie. This in itself showing it was a case of all hands on deck with Kenner rushing desperately to fill orders for the unexpected & overwhelming demand for the figures, each being in a different baggie. This indicates Kenner really were struggling to fill the demand for the sets.

Non Dt Set Large catalogue

Photo courtesy of Mark Yeo

DT Set Small Catalogue

Photo courtesy of Mark Yeo

Small catalogue reverse side.

Transition set

With Luke DT in the much rarer SW-g baggie, this one is with a large catalogue.

Photo courtesy of Mark Yeo

Large catalogue reverse side.

EB set with SW-a baggies


DT SET with Luke in SW-f baggie


Another variation with this Set, I wonder if this is the one folks have been classing as SW-b? Comes with small catalogue, baggie types – Chewie in SW-b /Leia in SW-f /Luke in SW-f (DT) / R2 in SW-a.

Set shown complete with the Early Bird mail in promo paperwork / certificate package.

A few photos from the Uncle Ron find including X-Rays of sealed sets.


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